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Rejuvenate your tired feet with powerful self-heating spa socks and experience more than 30 minutes of decadent spa warmth. Natural, moist heat helps your Meltology foot care products absorb deeper than ever, while Soyaffin™ Serum inside the liners leaves your feet feeling relaxed and pampered.
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Self Heating Ingredient List: Natural Minerals, Black Lava Rock, Metal Powders, Absorptive Powders, including Kelp and Algae.

SOYAFFIN™ Ingredient List: Shea Butter, American Beeswax, Soy Extracts, and Safflower Oil.

The mineral energy technology inside each spa sock heats instantly when warm tap water is added, and it keeps the sock warm for 30+ minutes. Each sanitary, single-use sock is self-contained and disposable, so there’s nothing to store or clean when the treatment is finished. Have a world class spa treatment whenever you want it – with no prep, cleanup or hassle. *Outer packaging may differ from pictures

  • Up to 30 minutes heated treatment
  • Just add water – no mess, no equipment and portable
  • Single-use, sanitary and disposable
  • Soyaffin™ serum liner protects and seals moisture

Easy as:

  • Power warm water
  • Apply Creme & Soyaffin Liners
  • Enjoy soothing heat for up to 30 minutes

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