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Helps delay the effects of surface free radicals. Gives a brighter, healthier skin tone. Reveals a younger-looking more radiant complexion. More resistant skin to environmental aggressors. Reduces appearance of surface lines and tired or sluggish skin.

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Indications: For Environmentally Exposed, Normal, Dry, Dehydrated, Aging Skin

Paraben-FreeContains Natural Plant Essences

Ergothioneine a powerful antioxidant helps delay the effects of surface free radicals to reveal a brighter, younger-looking skin as well as to increase skin vitality. Rich plant oils soften and provide rich emolliency. Age-Delay Antioxidant Serum reduces the appearance of surface lines, dehydration and sluggish, tired skin.  Within days, skin feels moist, supple and beautifully well-nourished.

The powerful antioxidant Co-Enzyme Q-10 helps protect the skin’s surface from damaging environmental radicals found in smog, smoke and other chemicals in the air.  Added, is a revolutionary amino acid-based nutrient, Ergothioneine, to boost skin’s natural vitality for round-the-clock radiance.  A combination of Vitamin E, Gamma Oryzanol from Rice Bran and barrier-replenishing Plant Oils deliver immediate and long term hydration for improved moisture barrier protection.

Fragrance: Essential oils of Lemon, ORagne, Lavandin, Basil, Clove Leaf, Cedarwood, Patchouli and Bergamot

Key Ingredients:

Ubiquinone: Antioxidant CoEnzyme Q-10; protects from damaging surface radicals.

Ergothioneine: Cell energizing amino acid boosts skin’s natural energy levels for more vibrant skin.

Grape Seed Extract: Firming antioxidant protects skin’s natural moisture barrier from damage.

Rose Hips Seed Oil: Helps replenish natural lipid barrier for softer, smoother skin.

Oryzanol: Soothing antioxidant; protects lipid barrier; boosts radical scavenging of other antioxidants.

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