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Welcome to Meltology

Virtually all other skin care products are applied to the top dermal layer of the skin, acting as topical treatments but not allowing for deeper absorption into the skin.  Meltology’s patented, heat-inspired skin care regimen has been clinically shown to hydrate the skin and seal in moisture significantly more than that of similar daily routines, while delivering some of the worlds’ finest ingredients. You can actually see and feel the difference after just one treatment.


The History of Meltology

With the most innovative, heat-activated skin care line available, Meltology revolutionizes the luxury skin care market by offering products that utilize the latest science and technology to rejuvenate and restore the skin, body and mind.


Every Meltology product has been created to balance and harmonize the skin – effectively making skin visibly younger, feel firmer and restore natural resiliency. The full Meltolgy line spans skin care, body care, and massage. With a history in supplying their self-heating technology to the highest end spas and salons in the world, Meltology skin care products are unlike any other. Each is designed to work alongside the Meltology patented heat therapies in order to achieve maximum results. The self-heating products are activated solely by the addition of water – not electricity – the first ever of their kind available on the market.