Skin Treatments (Guide To Flawless Skin Part 3)

All types of treatments are meant to give your skin an extra boost by helping prevent and improve the visible signs of aging. Common skin treatments include the following:

  • Complexes
  • Serums
  • Concentrates
  • Night Repair Products

guide-to-flawless-skin-part-3-treatments-and-formulasThe visible signs of aging are a direct result of free radical damage. Free radicals are molecules that have uneven numbers of electrons, leaving them unbalanced. Free radicals enter the skin as a result of things like pollution and sun exposure. These unbalanced molecules are highly unstable, and thus steal electrons from the nearest stable molecule in an attempt to stabilize themselves. This process starts a chain reaction that can disrupt cells, causing damage to the skin.

Both free-radical damage and the antioxidants used to combat that damage are considered so vital to understanding of the origins of aging that they have become a profound area of research globally. Inherently, we know that free-radical damage negatively disrupts the skin. It is believed to be the main source of deterioration of the skin’s support structures, decreasing both the elasticity and the overall resilience of skin.

Antioxidants are some of the power-house ingredients used to combat and prevent free radical damage. However, an “antioxidant” isn’t just a type of ingredient, but moreover is the function and effect that a specific ingredient has for the skin. Antioxidants include but are not limited to ingredients such as vitamins A, C, and E; superoxide dismutase; flavonoids; beta carotene; selenium; and zinc.

Skin care treatments and complexes often include higher concentrations of free radical fighters like antioxidants, but also use condition-specific ingredients to target skin concerns like extreme dehydration, lack of firmness, acne, lack of luminosity, and pigmentation issues. Treatments sometimes even include exfoliation ingredients like glycolic acid, AHA’s, and BHA’s.

Most recently, skincare companies are using truly cutting-edge technology and ingredients to treat the skin. These include ingredients such as super-antioxidants, extremophiles, peptides, algae extracts, and super-humectants. Based on individual skin type and needs, any number of these ingredients is formulated to help neutralize free radical damage on the surface of the skin, resulting in dramatic improvements to the visible signs of aging.

Why Night Treatments are often more effective than Day Treatments

guide-to-flawless-skin-night-treatments-before-bedYour skin works hardest during the night. As we sleep, the temperature of the skin rises slightly and the body re-channels more blood flow to the skin surface to help renew and replenish the outer protective layers of the skin. This cyclic temperature change is known as a Circadian Rhythm. As a result of this natural rhythm, using a product formulated specifically to help restore, repair, and maintain the condition of the skin is extremely beneficial and effective as you sleep.

How to Apply Treatments and Complexes

Every morning and evening (or as directed in specific treatment instructions), after cleansing, apply a small amount of your special treatment complex or concentrate on the face, neck and décolleté, massaging in gentle upward motions until completely absorbed.