Sea Whip Extract: A Cure For Sensitive Skin

A natural ingredient that has been proven to help reduce skin redness and lower skin sensitivity, Sea Whip Extract is produced from a renewable multi-cellular ocean organism located in the Caribbean.  Sea Whip, also known as Pseudopterogoria elisabethae, has a feathery appearance and resembles a shrub-like plant that waves back and forth on the ocean floor.  The extract consists of powerful compounds known as pseudopterosins.


Sea Whip is a renewable resource that comes from four underwater fields in the Caribbean.  Only the tips of the coral are harvested, leaving the Sea Whip organism alive and healthy.  The tip regrows over a period of about 3 years.  The extract was co-developed by Scripps Institute and UCSD researchers in the early 90’s.  These researchers found that Sea Whip Extract produced an amazing, anti-inflammatory effect.  They also found Sea Whip Extract to be a powerful skin healing agent as well.  It does this by neutralizing the enzyme responsible for skin irritation due to sensitive skin, aging, acne and sunburn.  It can reduce swelling and pain from its anti-inflammatory properties.


sea whip extract used for treating sensitive skinIn the scientific paper in the International Society of Cosmetic Chemists Magazine, it was reported that “Clinical study results… indicated that sea whip extract applied topically at even low concentration is more potent than bisabolol (extract from German chamomile) in treating cutaneous inflammation.  These results therefore confirm restorative benefits of sea whip extract when used in topical skin care formulations targeted towards sensitive or irritate skin”.


Your body only gets one set of skin that you have for the entire span of your life.  Be sure you take the absolute best care of it possible by using only clinically proven, natural skin care ingredients such as Sea Whip Extract.  It’s from the sea, renewable and scientifically proven to get real results.