Meltology Ingredient: Apple Stem Cells

So you may have heard the buzz going around about the use of apple stem cells.  What exactly is all the fuss about?

The History Of Apple Stem Cells

Back in the 18th century, it was discovered that a particular species of apple in Switzerland, named Uttwiler Spätlaube showed an extremely long shelf life.  Much longer than other species of apple.  Scientists discovered that the reason this species of apple had a much longer shelf life is because their stem cells were super active and able to help regenerate other cells in the apple.

How Do They Work?

The apples contain highly active stem cells; plant stem cells, like human stem cells, have the ability to regenerate other cells. Scientists extracted the stem cells from the fruit, incorporated 10 percent medical-grade oxygen, and created a therapeutic face cream.  Scientists then extracted these apple stem cells, combined them in a facial cream with added oxygen and found that what happened was incredible.

Scientific Testing

The results showed that using apple stem cells on human skin had a reverse aging affect.  The apple stem cells were able to reactivate those dying skin cells and return new life to the skin.  It’s a fact that by the time we reach 30 years of age, we have already lost at least 70 percent of the oxygen from our skin, which is a lot!

Meltology has harnessed the incredible power of apple stem cells and included it in our patented line of skin care and beauty products.   Order yours today and kickstart your skin cells by returning healthy oxygen to your face and body.

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